Copyleft Notice:

This page features music written by Sadiel Cuentas. All pdf and mp3 files are licensed under a Creative Commons Atributtion 3.0 License, which means you are free to download and use the files in any way you want as long as you give proper credit to the composer. Some of Sadiel Cuentas music is also published by Cayambis Music Press.

Chamber Music

  • Cantos (1999) for Violín and Piano. PDF
  • Ostinato (2002) for String Quartet. PDF
  • Preludio (2003) for Electric Guitar.
  • Cadenza, Introducción and Allegro for Piano and Clarinet (2006) PDF
  • Toccata (2007) for Piano PDF
  • String Quartet (2006 – 2009)
  • Electrocanon (2009) for solo flute and electronic processing. Published by Cayambis Music Press
  • Preludio y Tocatta (2010) for solo guitar. Published by Cayambis Music Press
  • For Neda (2010) for guitar quartet
  • Metáforas (2011) for solo viola
  • Dinámicas (2014) for trumpet and piano. Published by Cayambis Music Press
  • Tráfico (2014) for violin and piano. Published by Cayambis Music Press
  • Violín Sonata (2014) for violín and piano. Video.
  • Sonatina (2015) for Trumpet, Electric Bass and Drums
  • Fantasía Puneña (2015) for Trumpet, Vibraphone, Piano and Contrabass
  • 4 Fugas (2016) for solo violin
  • 10 Dúos Andinos (2016) for two bassons

Orchestral Music

  • Lamento (2000) for String Orchestra
  • Primera Sinfonía (2001) for Orchestra
  • Clarinet Concerto (2006)
  • Violín Concerto (2010 – 2013)  Partitura Analisis Nota de Prensa Notas al programa. Video. Live recording on SoundCloud
  • Preguntas sobre la vida y la muerte (concerto for two violins and orchestra) (2015)
  • Sinfonietta (2015)

Vocal Music

  • Dos Poemas de Jorge Eduardo Eielson (2002) for Choir and Orchestra
  • Via della Croce for choir (2006) PDF
  • Testamento (2013). Lied for soprano and piano, on a poem by Carmen Luz Bejarano.
  • La Dama del Sosiego (2013). For soprano and orchestra. Text by Carmen Luz Bejarano.
  • Cuatro poemas de Diego Solé (2014). For tenor and piano. Live recording on SoundCloud
  • Melancolías (2014). For mixed chorus. Text by Maritza Núñez.
  • Tinku (2015). For children chorus. Arrangements on traditional melodies in Quechua, Aymara, Ashaninka, Shipibo, Yanesha and Nomatsiguenga. Commissioned by Peru’s Culture Ministry. Video sample.

Stage Music

  • Post Mortem (2012). Chamber opera for 2 sopranos, mezzo soprano, baritone, Bb clarinet, cello, electric guitar, electric bass and piano. Libretto by Maritza Núñez.
  • El Vigilante Enmascarado (2013). Musical for 3 synthesizers and 9 actors. Libretto by Maritza Núñez.
  • Mambo! (2014) Chamber opera for piano and 8 actors/singers. Libretto by Maritza Núñez
  • Nayra (2014). Chamber opera for 9 singers, 1 actor, children’s choir, Bb clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), cello, piano and percussion. Libretto by Maritza Núñez.
  • Yahaira (2014). Chamber opera for for 9 singers, children’s choir, Bb clarinet, cello, piano and percussion. Libretto by Maritza Núñez.